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The carriage drove all the way to Linyin. As soon as it had stopped, Yunjin pulled the Fengxuan Taoist to a corner and stared straight at him.

Fengxuan Taoist coughed, and looked around, but he did not meet her eye.

“Old man, why did you tell Chu Li about Qiuye?” Yunjin saw him deliberately avoiding her and simply asked outright.

“This teacher just told the truth. Why didn’t you warn me in advance if you didn’t want it known?” Fengxuan Taoist looked at the sky and didn’t care.

Yunjin heard the words, and ground her teeth hard. She had lied and made up a story to Chu Li, she wondered what Chu Li thought now.

When Fengxuan saw her displeased frown, he shook his head helplessly. “Aren’t you always committed to revenge if you believe in it? Is it not good for you to find someone to avenge you?

“Well, let’s go to the inn first.” She was in the carriage for a full day, and now she was tired.

After entering the inn, Yunjin was taken all the way to a guest room on the third floor. She thought that since there were many rooms in the inn, she would not be sharing. However after opening the door, Chu Li was sitting inside, it seemed that he had been waiting for some time.. ….

With just a glimpse of Chu Li’s face, she felt inexplicably guilty, but she put a smile on her face, and walked into the room.

After closing the door, Yunjin smiled and looked at Chu Li, “Are you hungry? Would you like to order something to eat first?”

Chu Li coolly glanced at her,

Yunjin met his sullen eyed gaze, and immediately switched her tactics. She pursed her mouth, her face was drawn, she blinked a few times, went to sit next to Chu Li, and stretched out her arms around his arm while leaning on his shoulder.

“After you left that day, I was still curious about the yellow paper and went to Qingfeng Mountain again. I saw that Qiuye Taoist casting spells for rain on the peak of the mountain. Later I felt something was wrong and wanted to run away. But I was discovered … “

Mu Yunjin honestly told Chu Li what had happened that night, she knew that she could not lie.

As for why she cares so much about Chu Li’s emotions right now, she honestly can’t fathom or won’t.

Chu Li frowned. After hearing Yunjin’s story, his body turned cold and he remembered that when he left that night, the phoenix fire appeared from the peak of Qingfeng Mountain.

Could it be …

Chu Li hesitated, reaching out and clasping Mu Yunjin’s shoulder, exerting a little force and frowning, “Is there anything else?”

“Nothing …” Yunjin did not know why Chu Li had such a big reaction, and patted his hand gently, signaling that he was hurting her.

Chu Li let go of her, stood up and walked out.

Yunjin rubbed her shoulders and watched Chu Li rush out angrily, and murmured, “Why is this guy still in a temper?”

In the room on the other side……

“Senior, did you see everything that happened on the top of Qingfeng Mountain that night?” Chu Li stood in Fengxuan’s room, gazing coldly at him sitting on the couch and drinking.

Fengxuan Taoist took a few sips of wine, and a few peanuts. He ate one after the other. After hearing Chu Li’s question, he lazily replied, “You want to ask about the fire phoenix?”

“Yes.” Chu Li sat down, his eyes narrowed with a thoughtful look.

Fengxuan raised his eyebrows, smiled, and gave Chu Li an affirmative answer, “Yes, it’s her.”

“Her blood once absorbed the soul of the black lotus. I was a little bit suspicious of her at that time. On that clear night, I thought I saw the red phoenix coming out from behind her.”

Chu Li thought of the red light on top of the mountain that night, and there was a curious gleam in his eyes. He couldn’t tell what it was like in his heart, only he knew that he didn’t want this outcome.

Fengxuan poured another glass of wine, took a sip, and laughed a few times, “Qin Muyue’s clever words have used the body of the Phoenix girl to deceive you for so long, I am afraid that Qiuye is behind her.”

“Qiuye now also knows Mu Yunjin’s phoenix girl identity. Things will not be peaceful for her.”

Chu Li nodded slightly, “Is she aware of this?”

“She doesn’t know anything about it. When the fire phoenix appeared, she was dying.” Fengxuan said.

Chu Li gave a sigh, stood up and looked at the Fengxuan Taoist, “Then may I please ask this senior to forget this. Mu Yunjin is just an ordinary woman, not a Phoenix girl.”

“I’m too lazy to care about it The advent of the Phoenix Star is a good sign, but if it is used for nefarious reasons, it will cause her a lot of trouble, just like your mother.” Fengxuan reminded him.

“This matter will be resolved by this king.” Chu Li said, throwing out the last sentence, and left.

Behind him, Fengxuan Taoist sat in place sighing, “The Fire Phoenix is ​​here, something big will happen in this world.”

The Gods are ready to appear …

When returning to the room, Yunjin had already fallen asleep, Chu Li stared at her back for a while, then slowly approached, and gently pulled her collar back.

After not seeing the expected Phoenix mark, Chu Li breathed a little sigh of relief, covered her with the quilt, and walked out the door again.

“Your Highness, almost all the news collected by the purple guards about the order of the gods was false. The purple guards traveled all over the country and couldn’t find anything concrete.” Huang Yan reported to Chu Li in another room – News about Tenjin Decree.

Chu Li held a cup of tea and rubbed the edge of the cup lightly with his fingertips. His face was not looking good, and he said in a low voice, “Someone is looking for the order of the Gods.”

“Yes, otherwise we wouldn’t receive so many false leads suddenly.” Huang Yan frowned, seeing Chu Li’s face calm, and added, “People from all countries will come to Western Yuan next month, then maybe something will happen. “

Chu Li’s face darkened. “Send someone to keep an eye on Rong Hong.”

“Rong Hong?” Huang Yan was a little surprised when he heard the name, although he was not unfamiliar with him. “How did you think to observe him?”

Immediately after asking, Huang Yan felt that he should be quiet and patted his mouth, nodding, “This subordinate understands.”

After Huang Yan left, Chu Li frowned slightly, and took out the moon white jade pendant of Yunjins from his sleeve. The white light suddenly illuminated the room, with the word Yunjin carved in the jade pendant was clearly visible.



The next day, the carriage was on the road again and they headed for Yucheng City.

Seeing that Chu Li’s expression had eased a lot that morning, Yunjin relaxed her mind and sat in the carriage arguing occasionally with Fengxuan and watching the scenery go by.

Looking at the scenery outside the window, Yunjin felt that the atmosphere inside the carriage was strange. When she looked back several times, she caught Chu Li staring at her back.

For a moment, she felt that there was something on her back. So she covered herself with the blanket, leaned against the window, and pretended to sleep.

It took almost three days to reach their destination. When Yunjin saw the carriage stopped at the gate of Yucheng, she felt excited enough to cry.

Although she was a stranger here, she was glad to arrive, and just looking at the plaque at the gate to the city, she felt like she had come home.

Fengxuan Taoist said goodbye to the two when they entered the city. Yunjin sat in the carriage and said excitedly, “Let’s go to Qingfu.”

She is in Yucheng, and she has a house in her name!

“You go to Qingfu first, and this king will go to the city’s main government building.” Chu Li decreed.

She nodded, “Then you can come to Qingfu to find me, this time I’ll see it during the day.”


The carriage stopped at the entrance of Qingfu. After she got off, she saw the carriage turn around and head towards the city’s main government.

When Yunjin took out the key she was carrying and was about to open the gate of the house, she glanced at a figure she recognized.

“Ye Mama, it’s you.”

Ye Mama was walking slowly while carrying a basket at this time. When she heard someone calling her at the gate of Qingfu, she looked over and saw Yunjin.

After seeing the girl who bought the house that day, she came over with a smile, “The girl looks well, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Yes, I’m not settled here yet, but I come and see it occasionally.” Yunjin replied.

Hearing that, Mama Ye nodded her head and said, “The young girl was also in the city for a few days, and I accidentally met her one day and she said that she would come back and see.”

“Since she comes back occasionally, why would she sell this house?” Yunjin was a little curious.

“This old one doesn’t know, that young girl is staying at an inn in the western suburbs.” Mama Ye smiled.

After a few more words of pleasantries with Mama Ye, Yunjin opened the gate of Qingfu and walked into the house.

After entering Qingfu, Yunjin saw that the flowers and plants around were still in full bloom. Now it is autumn, and everything is beginning to wither, except for the flowers and plants here.

Mu Yunjin entered the front hall of Qingfu House. She originally thought that no one had taken care of it for a long time. After entering the door, the tables and chairs were spotless, and there were obvious signs of cleaning.

Yunjin raised her eyebrows and walked towards another room. After entering, there was no dust in it either.

Seeing this scene, Yunjin folded her arms and inexplicably looked around. She saw that there was no one around, and she shook her head and shivered.

After she entered the kitchen and prepared a pot of tea, Chu Li walked in with Qu Yanyao.

Qu Yanyao is still dressed in a gorgeous red brocade, her make up immaculate and charming, yet still wears the ordinary plum white jade pin in her hair.

After entering, Qu Yanyao smiled and looked at Yunjin, “Princess Ning, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Yes, long time no see.” Yunjin said faintly.

Qu Yanyao smiled, and then looked up and down Yunjin’s figure, and smiled, “Qingzhou is really a poor place. After only a few days, why have you lost weight, don’t they have enough food there?”

“Master Qu, drink some tea.” Yunjin smiled and poured a cup of tea for Qu Yanyao.

Chu Li sat to one side, looked around Qingfu house, and gently touched the seat with his fingers. After not finding a trace of dust, he was also a little surprised.

“Yunjin, were you cleaning?”

Yunjin shook her head and flattened her mouth. “Where would I have time to clean? It’s strange. Everything here is spotless. Even this tea set was wiped clean and ready. “

Qu Yanyao heard her words, held the hot tea cup elegantly, and raised an eyebrow in interest, “Oh? And within my jurisdiction, what the hell?”



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