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Chu Li glanced at Yang Wanshan lightly, “No need to be polite.”

Ding Xian took a step forward and said, “It’s getting late, let His Royal Highness and the princess rest first. We’ll deal with matters starting tomorrow.”

Yang Wanshan nodded again and again, and ordered the door of the house to be opened, leading Chu Li and his party in.

“This place in Qingzhou is really a place of poverty. Some of the facilities in the house are simple, and I apologize if it doesn’t suit your needs. You’ll have to excuse me.” Yang Wanshan walked into the courtyard and gave Chu Li a deep bow.

Chu Li nodded faintly. There was nothing for it. He understood.

At this moment, a little maid came in, holding a candlelight, lighting up the lanterns already prepared in the courtyard, and the whole place suddenly lit up.

Yunjin was still on Chu Li’s back, she looked around, and saw that the house was a total of two or three buildings, but said nothing, and continued to lie on his back.

Chu Li perceived a heat source from his back, with her breath slightly tickling his neck.

“This one will first show His Royal Highness King Ning his bedroom.” Yang Wanshan said, walked to the side, and opened the door of a large room with a smile.

After opening the door, Yang Wanshan was dumbfounded.

The group behind him followed, and after seeing the scene inside, they were a little dumbfounded too.

They saw that the roof tiles were blown apart, and at the moment, a hole was hollowed out from the ceiling. It was a day of heavy rain. The bed was saturated, and the ground was even covered with some mud mixed in with puddles. Stains and fallen leaves were strewn everywhere.

A simple vase or the like was lying on it’s side on the table, knocked over by the wind, and the whole room seem to permeate with a damp feeling.

“This, this …” Yang Wanshan was suddenly frightened.

“His Royal Highness King Ning, please forgive the sins of this servant, this is a dereliction of duty.” Yang Wanshan came into contact with Chu Li icy gaze, his legs shook, and he promptly knelt down.

“It’s getting late, I’m so tired, let’s just change to another room.” Yunjin on Chu Li’s back couldn’t help but open her mouth and say.

After that, Mu Yunjin yawned loudly and thought this flood was going to be difficult to deal with.

What’s more, she didn’t know if the room being like this, was intentional or not, but she didn’t want to pursue it further. She took a carriage for three days, and just wanted to settle down somewhere.

When Yang Wanshan heard Mu Yunjin speak, his complexion improved, and he walked to the door of another room. “This room is smaller, and I know His Highness Ning and Princess Ning have been wronged . So tomorrow I will get someone to come first thing to fix the bigger bedroom.”

“Um.” All she could do was agree.

“This slave, Xiaoju, has prepared the hot water. Are you going to take a bath now, Prince and Princess?”

After settling down, the little maid walked up and bowed to Chu Li and Yunjin.

“Yes.” Chu Li answered, and his eyes narrowed watching what Yunjin was doing. She had turned his bag inside out, looking for the light shirt he wore when he went to bed.

“Here you are.” Mu Yunjin held an ink-colored light shirt in her hand and handed it to Chu Li, with a smile on her lips.

Chu Li smiled faintly, and there was a trace of mischief in his eyes, “Why don’t we go together?”

“Be serious.” Yunjin smacked him a little, turned slightly coy, and ran to arrange some other clothes.

Chu Li looked at her back, and when he walked out of the room, he was in good humor.

“Princess, let this slave take care of it.” Xiaoju saw Yunjin unpacking her clothes, and she was about to help her.

Yunjin waved her hand, “No need, it’s late, you go and rest early.”

Xiaoju took a step back and looked down, “This slave is a servant from Lord Yang’s house. This time, Lord Yang assigned this slave to serve the prince and princess. If the princess has any need, she can directly order this slave.”

“Well, okay.” Yunjin smiled at Xiaoju.

“This slave will leave first, and if the princess has any trouble, you can call this slave anytime.” Xiaoju sighed slightly and bowed to Yunjin again.

Yunjin nodded.

Half an hour later, in the small room, Yunjin was sitting on a chair, wiping her still dripping hair, and looking around, only to find that the room was really small. There was only one bed and a table in the room. And that bed seems to only be able to accommodate one person.

Seeing this, Yunjin felt that she had really put Chu Li out, so she looked at the person who was sitting in a similar chair.

“Chu Li.” Yunjin called softly.

Chu Li looked over at her.

“It’s late, you can rest early.” she smiled, her eyes staring at Chu Li.

Chu Li heard the meaning in her words, and his lips twitched slightly. “Let’s go together.”

“Huh?” Yunjin didn’t respond for a moment.

Chu Li got up, put an arm around her shoulder and one under her leg. He lifted her from the chair and walked to the bedside, sitting her down, and sat down next to her.

Yunjin glanced at the small bed, bit her lip, and thought, sleep together?

“Would you like to sit up all night?” Chu Li saw her sitting there, motionless, and slowly spoke with a low voice.

“No.” Yunjin took off her shoes immediately, sat on the bed, moved her body back, and got into it, thinking that she had slept with him in a bed before anyway.

After lying down on the inside, Yunjin turned to her side, facing the wall, making as much room as possible, burying her face in the quilt, closing her eyes and trying to fall asleep.

There was a smile in Chu Li’s eyes, as he lay down, felt that the person next to him had fallen asleep and curled his body against her, stretching out his hand to cover her waist gently.

Mu Yunjin trembled.

“Relax, this prince will not eat you.” Chu Li smiled slightly, and with those words, patted her gently twice.

Mu Yunjin heard that and she really relaxed a lot, her body was slightly bent, she was still asleep on her side, but she was really tired, and soon she heard a uniform breathing sound behind her.

Chu Li’s hand on her waist had not been removed, and smelling the light fragrance from her side, she smiled.

In the middle of the night, it was starting to rain. The sleeping Mu Yunjin felt a bit cold. So she snuggled closer to the warmth behind her.

Early the next morning, Chu Li opened his eyes slowly, and saw Yunjin in his arms still sleeping sweetly, a touch of affection overflowed from his heart, and a kiss gently fell on her forehead.

After getting dressed and leaving the room, Ding Xian was already waiting outside the door. Upon seeing Chu Li coming out, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Your Royal Highness, we need to discuss with Yang Wanshan some details of flood control today. Are we going out now to see the situation in Qingzhou?”

Chu Li nodded, glanced at the damaged room to one side, and narrowed his eyes. “That room, don’t fix it.”

Ding Xian was surprised for a while, then he immediately understood, and could not help but smile, “Yes, yes, now that Qingzhou lacks manpower, it is really impossible to spare people to repair the house, so we have to inconvenience His Highness and the Princess …”

Chu Li cast Ding Xian an appreciative look.

Mu Yunjin slept for a long time, until she heard the sound of the rain gradually falling outside of the window, and slowly woke up from her sleep. She suddenly remembered where she was, and immediately sat up.

“To die, I have to die….I’ve overslept again.” She immediately got out of bed and began to dress.

She thinks she has developed lazy tendencies in the Princes house. Nowadays, she has no concept of time at all. It is really bad!

“Princess, you are awake.” Xiaoju saw the door open, and quickly prepared to enter.

Yunjin was tying her ponytails. When Xiaoju came, she asked, “Chu, oh, has his highness gone out yet?”

“His Highness has been up since dawn and he left with Ding Xian. He should be holding talks with Master Yang by now.” Xiaoju laughed.

Yunjin pursed her lips, sighed slightly, and scolded herself continuously. She didn’t come here to enjoy her blessings, yet she had slept in on the first day.

After washing, Mu Yunjin simply ate a few mouthfuls of porridge and looked at Xiaoju, “How do you get there, to Master Yangs?”

“Master Yang’s residence is in Fengshui Town. Go out and turn right. You will find it after crossing two small bridges.” Xiaoju said.

Yunjin nodded, just as she was about to go out, seeing that it was still raining outside, she asked “Do you have a cloak here?”

“The princess is going out?” Xiaoju was surprised.

Mu Yunjin said, “I’m going to see what’s going on with Master Yang, you just stay here.”

It was the first day Xiaoju served Yunjin, and because she wasn’t sure of Yunjin’s temperament, she immediately obeyed and retrieved a cloak.

Mu Yunjin put it on, and hurried out the door.

Immediately after stepping out of the door of the house, she stepped into a puddle without paying attention, and the shoes on her feet suddenly became wet.

She frowned, and decided to watch her step from then on.

After walking for a while, Mu Yunjin saw many people with smiles on their faces. One walked towards her, carefully holding a large bag of something in his hands.

She recognized that it was the food brought by the imperial guards.

Seeing this, Mu Yunjin smiled, and continued to go where Xiaoju had said to head for.

After walking for a while, she didn’t see any bridge.

“Excuse me, where is Master Yang’s house?” Yunjin greeted a common man and stepped forward to ask for directions.

Hearing Mu Yunjin’s accent was unfamiliar and she was a stranger, the people looked at her up and down, afraid that she was thinking about the food sent, and pointed her in the opposite direction.

“Thank you.” Mu Yunjin thanked him and turned around.

“Damn, what the hell is this place!” Mu Yunjin held a tree pole, feeling that the shoes on her feet were almost ready to wring out water, and cursed.

Yunjin felt that she had walked through more than half of Qingzhou this morning, yet she could not find Yang Wanshan’s residence. Instead, the road here turned and twisted, and she couldn’t even remember the way back.

She gave up looking for Chu Li, turned around, followed what memories she could, and headed home.

“Woo…. woo …” A sobbing cry came from somewhere.

Mu Yunjin stopped for a while, listening carefully to the sound, it seemed to be the cry of a child.

After a while, the cry disappeared.

Mu Yunjin thought she had heard it wrong, and continued to take a few more steps. The crying sounded again, accompanied by another.

Yunjin swung her arms and walked in the direction of the crying. After passing through a mud field, she saw a little boy climbing on a tree, clinging onto a branch with his hands and crying loudly.

There was a lake to one side. She didn’t know when the flood started but a wave of water came from a dam entrance. Half of the big tree the boy was holding was occupied by the flood, and it was gradually rising.

“Oh, my poor son, who will save my son …”

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Really enjoying this! Thank you so much!!


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