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Qin Muyue was at the door, and her eyes fell on the people inside. Mu Yunjin was sitting in front of the dressing table, fiddling with her hair, Chu Li stood beside her, his eyes looking indulgently at Mu Yunjin and smiling…

Seeing this scene, Qin Muyue suddenly felt like her heart was broke.

Yunjin had already noticed the person standing at the door, but she was too lazy to glance at her or care for that matter. After a brief bit of grooming, she got up and slowly walked towards the door.

“Hey, why is Miss Qin here?”

With her mocking tone, Qin Muyue was upset, but she suppressed it, and squeezed out a smile. “I am here today to make a special trip to Sister Yun to ask for your forgiveness”

“Apologize?” Yunjin smiled, “Miss Qin must indeed be guilty.”

Beside Yunjin, Chu Li looked at the scene, reached out and gently covered her shoulder, then went out of the door and left Liquan Court.

After Chu Li left, Qin Muyue handed the gift box to Yunjin, “Sister Yun, I was wrong yesterday. I was impulsive without knowing things. I also reflected afterwards, and my brother taught me where I was wrong too. Please, will you forgive me? “

Yunjin leaned against the door frame, and upon hearing her talk felt she had put on a good show. She was really devious, able to weave a sorry tale no matter the circumstances. Such a praiseworthy act.

“I’ll take the gift box, and you can go.” Yunjin was too lazy to talk further with Qin Muyue and took the gift box.

Qin Muyue smiled, and nodded towards her. “Sister Yun really has great magnanimity, I’ll let your heart settle and come visit you in a few days.”

Yunjin snorted.

After Qin Muyue left, she threw the gift box into the yard, and the sound of broken porcelain came from inside.

“Zixiang, dispose of this trash.” She said to Zixiang in the yard.

Zixiang immediately nodded her head, and called a few little maids together to help her clean up.

After a while, Zixiang brought a meal to Mu Yunjin in the room. As soon as she entered the door, Zixiang asked, “Miss, are you going to enter the palace today?”

Yunjin shook her head. “No, I’ll just wait for the burial.”

“Well, Miss, let’s eat first. Fourth Miss is waiting for you in the front hall.” Zixiang said.

Yunjin heard the words Fourth Miss, rubbed her temples, and put down her chopsticks. “What day is it today? Why do these hateful ghosts come one after the other?”

Zixiang covered her mouth and smiled. “Miss, although Fourth Miss is annoying, but she is easily crushed by you, how would she dare make trouble for you, please relax.”

“Well, that’s what I think too.” Yunjin smiled and continued eating.

An hour later, inside the front hall of the Sixth Prince’s Mansion.

“Sister, the old bitch Qin Shuning, ordered someone to come to Xiangfu today, and tell me to enter the palace tomorrow to participate in the funeral of Qin Tai Fei, and then return to the Wangfu afterwards, what should I do ?…”

As soon as she sat down, Mu Lingzhu looked anxiously towards Yunjin, begging her to give her an idea.

Yunjin licked her lips and drank tea, “What do you mean?”

“Going back is equivalent to sending me to my death, but I am married into the Wangfu. I am still a member of their household.” Mu Lingzhu bit her lip, glanced at Yunjin, and found that her life was really unfortunate.

At this time, Mu Lingzhu couldn’t think of any ideas, and finally came to rely on Mu Yunjin. It was really humiliating. She could just imagine how disappointed her mother’s spirit would be.

“Then you should not listen to her. Princess Qin will go to bury Qin Tai Fei. It doesn’t matter if you go or not. As for returning to the royal palace, you are in Xiangfu, she can’t force you to come out.” Yunjin pondered the look in Mu Lingzhu’s eyes and spoke lazily.

Mu Lingzhu froze, “But if I do this, what if she spreads rumors about me?”

Yunjin smiled. “You have read books for so many years you naturally should be smarter than me. How could you ask such a stupid question?”

“Unfortunately, I used to guard against you a little bit, but now it looks like I need not have.”

“What do you mean?” Mu Lingzhu couldn’t help but ask.

“She spreads that you don’t abide by the woman’s way, and you won’t spread back? Anyway, it is something that can be done with money, and the Xiangfu is not lacking that.” Yunjin raised an eyebrow.

Mu Lingzhu was stunned, and hesitated a little bit. “But Qin Shuning, she is very powerful. She has a multitude of methods and people at her disposal. She asked someone to inform me, but she is also warning me. I’m afraid what she will do afterwards.”

“I can’t help you, you will just have to hire some bodyguards and some capable people.” Mu Yunjin impatiently tapped her leg, she has no time for these petty people.

Not to mention her remorse, she remembered exactly what Mu Lingzhu has done to her before.

“Sister …” Mu Lingzhu cast a pitiful look at her.

Then she said, “The burial tomorrow, do you think I should go?”

“If you think about it yourself, if you really can’t get along with Qin Shuning, don’t hide in the house all the time, take out the killing tricks you used to be so fond of, and kill her once and for all.” Yunjin raised her lips with a smile, her eyes filled with deep meaning.

Listening to these taunting words, Mu Lingzhu’s face froze slightly, and she raised her hand and touched Yunjin, “Lingzhu will think carefully on this matter when she returns.”

“Um.” Yunjin waved her away.

Mu Lingzhu went out.

After dealing with Qin Muyue and Mu Lingzhu, it was still a while before dark, so Yunjin strolled around the garden, and the secret appeared again in her mind.

Tomorrow is the day when Qin Tai Fei is to be buried. Will that secret appear then?

She sighed.

“Miss, why are you always sighing to yourself these days?” Zixiang passed a plate of grapes to her.

When she saw the grapes, she couldn’t help think of yesterday’s events, bringing a smile to her lips, “Nothing, something annoying.”

“Miss, don’t think about it, eat some fruit first, and wait for His Royal Highness to come back,” Zixiang said.

Upon hearing that, Yunjin frowned slightly. “Why, what will happen when he returns?”

“Nothing much, just recently I see that the miss and his highness are getting along well together. I only want him to come and relieve your burden.” Zixiang smiled sweetly.

Mu Yunjin reached out and poked Zixiang’s head, pursing her lips, “I don’t know what will happen at this time tomorrow.”

Yunjin lay on the soft couch after bathing and ate a few grapes for dinner before it was fully dark and hoped she would have a peaceful night’s sleep.

In the morning, Zixiang knocked on the door and called Yunjin to get up. Today was the funeral of Qin Tai Fei and she couldn’t be late.

She woke up having had a pleasant nights rest. After some essential grooming, she walked out of the door, just as door opposite opened.

When she glimpsed Chu Li, Yunjin couldn’t help the smile that bloomed.

In the dining room, Yunjin ate a bowl of red bean porridge, with Chu Li from the side pushing over pastries for her to eat as well.

Yunjin frowned and took a sticky rice cake. After chewing a few mouthfuls, she looked at Chu Li, “Do we have to go to the funeral today?” “Yes.” he said.

“Okay.” Yunjin quickly finished her breakfast.

After entering the palace, Qin Tai Fei’s was noisy with crying. Many high-ranking concubines lay on the edge of the coffin and wept with tears. The Emperor Ximing stood with a calm face, but there was a deep sorrow in his eyes.

When Chu Li and Mu Yunjin entered the door, most were already present.

Mu Yunjing looked around and glimpsed the figure of the fourth prince Chu Ye, and her eyebrows were inexplicably raised.

The third prince Chu Qing and Chu Ye were standing together, seeing Mu Yunfang and Chu Li coming, he said, “Sixth younger sister, your not crying?”

Yunjin heard this and lowered her voice. “You as her grandson are not crying. So why should I?”

“I haven’t seen you in such a long time, I still talk so stupidly.” Chu Qing began to say playfully. Since he knew this girl, she has never been kind to him.

Chu Ye stood aside and nodded with Chu Li, after saying hello, he glanced at Yunjin to the side, with deep eyes.

Yunjin just met this deep gaze, bit her lip and moved her eyes away.

“The hour is up, it’s time to send the deceased to the imperial tomb.” An official looked at the hour and said loudly.

Suddenly, the crying in the hall intensified.

On the way to the imperial tomb, a carriage was uniformly arranged for each person in the palace. Yunjin happened to be in the same carriage with Chu Qing and Chu Ye.

The carriage was no more luxurious than that of the black horse carriage of Chu Li’s. At this time, there were some bumps along the way. She ate too much in the morning. At this time, the bumpy road was a bit uncomfortable. .. She lazily leaned on Chu Li’s arm and closed her eyes.

When Chu Li saw this, he lifted her into his arms and made her feel more comfortable.

Seeing this scene, Chu Qing couldn’t help laughing. “Ms. Qin made a big noise in grandmother’s hall yesterday, and this prince also heard some gossip. Seeing that the two of you are still so good, it must not have affected you at all.”

“Yes.” Chu Li responded lightly.

Chu Qing has been used to Chu Li’s dour temperament early in the morning, and said, “Major General Qin seems to have been affected a lot. He was originally meant to escort the procession today but he was temporarily replaced by a vice general. It seems that he really has fond feelings of sixth younger sister in his heart….. Brother and sister. “

“What does it matter to us?” Yunjin opened her eyes and raised her eyebrows, making a loud noise.

Chu Qing smiled and looked at Chu Li again. “With this reaction she seems to be innocent of Qin Munan’s affection .”

Yunjin had the urge to sew Chu Qing’s mouth shut with a needle and thread, but with Chu Li holding her, she calmed down, kept her eyes closed and pretended she didn’t hear.

To the side, Chu Ye, who had yet to speak, listened to the conversation of these three, and smiled. “Third brother it’s already been explained as a misunderstanding, so there’s no need to mention it again.”

“Well, then I’ll leave it so.” Chu Qing said.

Chu Ye glanced at Chu Qing, then looked at Chu Li and Yunjin opposite, blinking slightly, before looking away to watch the scenery outside the carriage.

Before long, the carriage stopped.

Yunjin got off the carriage, looked up, and saw the legendary imperial tomb. She pursed her lips and watched the coffin of Qin Tai Fei being slowly carried into it.

Mu Yunjin’s thoughts were complicated. When she remembered this strange world, Qin Tai Fei’s love and warm and intimate attitude towards her made her think she was genuine.

After she tore off her mask, it turned out to be so complicated. Now that she is dead, she still doesn’t care about the past trace of affection, and leaves behind that horrible secret.

Secret …

Wait, it should be known by now!

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These growing shows of affection are quite useful. I hope it continues. But what aboaut the secrets. When will they know what message was left?

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