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After hearing the words, the Empress Dowager Zheng eyes suddenly fell on Princess Rong and raised her head high, “Shuning, are you trying to rebel?”

“Mother, the word ‘treason’ is more apt.” Princess Rong smiled. “For so many years, when the old lady Qin Tai Fei was alive, she relied on her son being the emperor to lord it over you. We all had to lower our heads to her.”

“Now that Qin Tai Fei is dead, if the highest leader of this dynasty is also replaced by our own, why should we bow low to others from now on?”

“Empress Dowager, what do you think?”

Empress Dowager Zheng shuddered slightly, and had to say that Princess Rong’s words were undoubtedly a huge temptation for her.

But then she thought, although she was old, how could she be so confused that she did not know what the crime of murdering the emperor was today?

“Shuning, this matter is very important. It is not something that us two women can control. Now this one also follows you all. You should have a good life as a princess of this Kingdom. Don’t think about it again.” Queen Mother Zheng declined politely.

Qin Tai Fei is dead – her biggest rival is dead, the rest is not important anymore.

Princess Rong’s face gradually faded, and she held the Empress Dowager’s hand a bit more forcefully. “Mother, have you ever thought that I am a woman married outside Qin’s family, and I am no longer a Qin family member. Now my father has a lot of momentum behind him. If the Qin family rebels, the position of Queen Dowager will remain yours and stable and my position will naturally change… “

“Shuning!” Empress Dowager Zheng was a little annoyed, and she stretched out her hands and rubbed her temples. “This one’s family are all people who stepped into the coffin. What’s the point of saying this to me? Besides, there is no woman since ancient times able to control political affairs.”

“Even if your surname is Qin, you are still a married woman. Even if the Qin family dominates the whole Western Kingdom in the future, it will never affect you.”

“This one is tired, you can retire now.” The Empress Dowager waved her hand.

Princess Rong frowned, and no longer tried to persuade her. She bowed towards Empress Dowager Zheng and then came out of the hall.

Behind her, the Empress Dowager’s face gradually became grim, and she chuckled a little, “Qin Tai Fei, Qin Tai Fei, looking at the current state of things today in the nation, you died early, aren’t you lucky …”

The next day, Yunjin slept until the sun was at it’s zenith in the sky. She opened her eyes slowly, rubbed them, and sat up on the couch, stretching her sore neck.

After thinking about the hour, she immediately sat up, and not even caring about her shoes, ran out of the door.

Zixiang, who was standing at the door of the room, heard the sudden opening of the door, and was startled. She hurried to over to Yunjin, “Miss is awake.”

“What’s the news outside today?” Yunjin looked at Zixiang with her heart in her mouth.

Zixiang tilted her head and thought, “There is some. Today, the Xiao family held a wedding ceremony to marry the fifth princess in. As a result, they encountered the funeral of Princess Qin, and they were disrupted by several guards.”

“Is there any other news?” Yunjin didn’t bother to care about Chu Qing Qiang’s matters at this time.

Zixiang shook her head. “That’s all.”

“By the way, someone in the palace came to report just now. Today is the day to go pay respects. Please Miss get ready.”

Mu Yunjin gave a faint hum. After not hearing the news she dreaded, she was relieved, “What about Chu Li?”

“His Royal Highness has been in the palace for a long time. The lady should be able to meet his Highness when she enters the palace.” Zixiang said.

Yunjin nodded.

“Miss, this is the filial piety white dress sent by the Palace. Please put it on.” Zixiang passed a white dress.

Mu Yunjin took a breath and waved her hand, “Don’t want to wear this.”

Then she took out a pure white brocade dress from the cabinet. The simple style looked more appropriate to her.

After briefly combing her bun, Yunjin ate something and went out.

She chose to walk today.

After leaving the house, Yunjin walked slowly on the way to the palace, carefully listening to what the people passing by were talking about. Walking down the street, most were discussing the marriage of the Xiao family.

After not hearing anything about phoenix marks and Chu Li, Mu Yunjin was relieved.

It seems that secret has not yet spread.

After entering the palace, the former rooms where Qin Tai Fei lived had been set up as a spiritual hall. The coffin was placed in the middle of it. There were many people around. Yunjin saw the people from Xiangfu at a glance.

“Father.” she approached Mu Xiang.

Mu Xiang had already finished his condolences, and was about to leave. After seeing Yunjin coming, he nodded slightly.

Zhuang Yuyan’s eyes were red and sore looking, as if she had just cried. When she saw Yunjin coming, she wiped the corners of her eyes, “Sister Yunjin.”

“Sister Yuyan.” she greeted Zhuang Yuyan and looked around, “Mu Lingzhu is not here?”

Zhuang Yuyan nodded. “Yes, Fourth Miss was afraid to meet Princess Rong, so she didn’t come over.”

“The sixth princess is good?” The voice of Yan Lingshang asked.

She had always disliked Yan Lingshang. After nodding slightly, she did not pay her anymore attention.

Yan Lingshang was a little embarrassed. After glimpsing the person coming through the door, her embarrassment suddenly disappeared, “Miss Qin has arrived.”

As soon as the Qin people came, Mu Yunjin’s demeanor suddenly cooled down. Yan Lingshang naturally noticed her face sinking, and slightly smiled, “Father, let’s go out and chat.”

Mu Xiang agreed, and when the three were about to go out, Qin Muyue’s voice sounded from the side, “Yun Ge, why are you leaving when I come?”

“We’re early, you’re late.” Mu Yunjin smiled slightly.

Qin Muyue raised her eyebrows and glanced at the people standing in the hall. There was many influential and important people present today.

Qin Muyue curled her lips, and said loudly, “While everyone is here today, there is something I want to say, in order to seek justice for his Sixth Royal Highness.”

As soon as this was heard, everyone turned to Qin Muyue with curious eyes.

Mu Yunjin was even more curious, holding her hands demurely in front of her, she wanted to hear what Qin Muyue had to say.

“Master Mu Xiang, isn’t it too much for your family to conceal the third Miss’s amnesia?”

Mu Yunjin stood still and frowned at her.

Mu Xiang looked at Qin Muyue with the same frown, “Ms. Qin, what are you talking about? When did we hide anything? What amnesia?”

“Master Mu Xiang, don’t deny it. Last night I heard your third Miss say it herself.”

On the sidelines, everyone was curious to watch this scene. The incident of amnesia of Mu Yunjin was not a big deal. Why did Miss Qin create so much drama for it?

Seeing that Qin Muyue had set out to find fault today, Yunjin sneered, “What then? Even if I have amnesia, how does it adversely affect Chu Li?”

When everyone heard her calling him by his taboo name, they were astonished.

“Of course it has a relationship. Before your memory loss, my elder brother was your lover, but now you married Brother Li with amnesia, which really hurts his reputation.” Qin Muyue pointed out directly.

After a while, a white figure outside the door slowly walked into the hall, frowning, listening to the last sentence in the hall just now, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Seeing Chu Li suddenly come, the hall was suddenly quiet, that even a pin dropping could be heard.

“Brother Li, you came at just the right time, and today I will expose this woman’s true face to you.” Qin Muyue pointed at Yunjin, eyes malevolent as she singled her out.

After that, a silver figure came in. After entering the door, he looked around and said with annoyance, ”Muyue, what are you doing?”

Qin Muyue glanced at Qin Munan, secretly in her heart a little sorry for using her own brother, but the jealousy was greater and she couldn’t but continue on this path.

After a chuckle, Qin Muyue quickly moved to Qin Munan’s side, reached out and took off the pink sachet that was worn around his waist, and held it tightly in her hand. ”This sachet was embroidered by the third Miss before she had amnesia. My brother dearly treasures it. “

Qin Muyue’s words fell, and she stretched out her hand to open the sachet. Qin Munan wanted to step forward to stop her, but found that he was one step too late. The spice mixed with the sachet had spilled to the ground.

“You see.” Qin Muyue revealed the sachet inside, clearly embroidered with the word ‘yun jin’.

There was uproar in the hall, and no one expected that with paying their respects, there would be such a good show. 

This third Miss had such a bad reputation in the past. They did not expect that Major General Qin could even fancy her. Really, it was a such a tragedy for the hero who fell in love with the beauty.

“Muyue, don’t be willful any more.” Qin Munan gritted his teeth, his eyes frowning, with a strong warning in his eyes.

Yunjin and Chu Li, on the other hand,  looked at each other with a tacit understanding, to remain calm and show no emotion.

“Just with that, you want to prove that your brother and I were lovers before?” Yunjin raised her eyebrows.

“What, you think it’s not enough?” Qin Muyue asked back.

When Mu Yunjin heard the words, she felt it was very funny, and laughed softly, her face full of smiles. ”And if it said your name, would that mean you were lovers with him? “

“Mu Yunjin, you don’t have to shift the focus. Everyone’s embroidery is different. This is your embroidery. You should know it well.”

“I mentioned it here today because I knew it was wrong against Brother Li. Since you and my brother used to be lovers, why did you marry the Sixth Prince? Mu Yunjin, you are simply ruining his reputation and also playing with his feelings. “Qin Muyue said aggrieved, looking at Chu Li, her eyes were soft and pleading.

Mu Yunjin really couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “You’re worried and aggrieved for Chu Li? You have no other angle?”

“I like Brother Li, this is a thing that everyone in the world knows, you don’t need to ridicule my affections,” Qin Muyue said with confidence.

“So that’s the case.”  Yunjin nodded knowingly, and touched her chin. “This year, under the banner of daring to love and hate, you can intervene in other people’s houses as you please? In the presence of his Sixth Royal Highness, you bluntly claim to like my husband, and are aggrieved for him, and then forbid me to sneer at you.”

“Qin Muyue, who gave you such courage?”

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Qin Muyue is so special. She makes a declaration of love and wants the whole world to turn over fro her. All this … and she doesn’t know what the feelings of her would be lover are. Is this true courage?

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