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Mu Yunjin slowed down a little, narrowed her eyes, and glanced at Qin Muyue, “Why did you come tonight?”

Qin Muyue smiled. “Come and see the excitement naturally.”

Hearing that, Yunjin was too lazy to bother with her anymore, and continued to move forward.

The four arrived at Qin Tai fei’s palace at almost the same time.

As soon as she stepped inside, a cry rang out, and the eunuchs of the palace began to lay out white silk, and the entire palace was unusually cold and depressed.

The Emperor Ximing and the Empress were walking into her quarters at this time. The Emperor Ximing’s face was glazed, and he seemed to be rushing to hear the news, and his hair was a little messy.

Mu Yunjin bowed to the Emperor and the Empress, pursed her lips, her face a little wane.

The Emperor Ximing thought she was grieving over Qin Tai Fei, and he said with a rare kindness to her, “Mother has always loved you. Go and see her.”

Yunjin nodded, and said secretly in her heart, she could not afford this love. She walked further inside.

By the bedside of Qin Tai Fei, many princesses and their concubines were crying, including Li Fei and Wan Fei, who Yunjin had met before.

When the two saw Yunjin coming, they took a silk scarf and wiped their tears, moving to the side.

Yunjin approached the bedside and looked at the person who was only just talking such hateful things earlier. At this moment, her eyes were closed and she lay peacefully on the bed. Yunjin’s thought’s were complicated but mostly filled with hate.

“Hey, Qin Tai Fei loved Sixth Princess very much. Yet how does she stand here beside her without a tear?” Li Fei adjusted her emotions and looked at Yunjin with a disdainful expression.

Yunjin glanced at her, too lazy to care about her to reply back.

Princess Rong and Qin Muyue also walked through to the bedroom at this time. After seeing the scene inside, they had a smile on their faces.

“Aunt, you see that this Sixth Princess is really a blessed person. She holds her emotions in so tight that she cannot even squeeze a tear out.” Qin Muyue sighed.

Although everyone in the room was surprised by Qin Muyue’s disrespectful tone, none of them dared to refute her words.

Princess Rong chuckled, “Hey, little niece, should you say anything at all?”

“That is to say, this concubine has also asked this of the sixth princess just now. Anyway, let’s cry a few times. It’s really not human to stand here with no reaction.” Li Fei echoed Princess Rong’s words.

Yunjin sneered and walked out of the room.

“Hey? Why are you leaving …”

After walking to the main hall outside, Yunjin sat down, hugged her arms, lowered her head and started brooding. 

“Yun Ge …” Qin Munan’s voice sounded to one side.

Mu Yunjin suddenly felt a headache. It wasn’t quiet inside, and still not quiet outside. When would she find a bit of peace.

“What’s the matter?” With the eunuchs in the palace looking on, Yunjin glanced at Qin Munan coolly.

Qin Munan sat down beside her and saw she was not in a friendly mood, but he was also used to it. “It’s so late, why do you go out alone, and you don’t even have a servant with you?”

She chuckled, “I’d love to do such a big show, but I’m here for a funeral, not for dinner.”

“This amnesia has completely changed your personality. It is difficult to imagine whether you will still have your current character after you restore your memory.” Qin Munan looked at her with tender, soft eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t recover,” Yunjin said lightly.

Qin Munan looked slightly rigid.

Mu Yunjin glanced at him. She had already paid her respects to the dead and showed up, and she didn’t want to stay here any longer, so she got up and walked out of the hall.

Qin Munan saw her go leave alone and got up and followed.

Hiding in the corner, Qin Muyue leaned against the wall, listening to the words of the two just now, and took a breath. Does my brother like her?

What’s more, she has amnesia?

Qin Muyue raised an eyebrow, and then smiled broadly. It’s no wonder that she hadn’t heard of anything but that Mu Yunjin was a useless person. She turned out to have amnesia and it changed her personality.

Ha, it’s really interesting.

Walking on the way out of the palace, Qin Munan thought of Yunjin’s curt tone to him recently, so he only followed her from behind, escorting her all the way.

Yunjin naturally knew that Qin Munan was behind her as she walked out of the palace door.

After exiting the palace gate, she glanced at the place where the carriage of the Prince’s Palace was usually parked. She saw Ding Xian sitting by the carriage, holding a lantern in his hand, and Chu Li was standing beside him, eyes following her movements.

Mu Yunjin was inexplicably surprised. She trot over, reached out and grabbed Chu Li’s arm and with a smile said, “How are you here?”

“Waiting for you.” Chu Li looked down at her, and stretched out his hand to hold her by the waist.

She was already very tired at this moment, when she leaned against Chu Li’s arms, she said lazily, “Would you like to go in and see?”

“There’s no need.” Chu Lid replied, his eyes falling on another figure at the gate of the palace.

“Well, lets go back to the house first.” Yunjin untangled herself from Chu Li’s arms and went into the carriage.

After the carriage left, Qin Munan’s eyes were lonely, and Chu Li and Mu Yunjin’s intimacy just now imprinted on his mind.

Unconsciously, he really missed her.

“Brother …” Qin Muyue’s voice sounded. “What’s the relationship between you and Mu Yunjin?”

“It’s none of your business.” Qin Munan glanced at her.

Qin Muyue smiled and softened her tone. “Brother, you like Mu Yunjin, and I like Brother Li. Now that they are together, aren’t we doomed to be frustrated?”

“What’s more, they are tied together by a marriage contract. Where they can treat each other in good faith …”

Qin Munan was annoyed, reached out and grabbed her wrist, and went to warn her, “Don’t do something that kills the good of the conscience, so that if you continue, you will destroy yourself sooner or later.”

“Brother, it’s just talk, don’t worry about it.” Qin Muyue blinked and looked at Qin Munan, pleased with herself. 

Qin Munan released her wrist. “Go back home, you are not allowed to see our Aunt again in the coming days.”

“Yes, yes, I will listen to you.” The two walked towards their carriage.

Qin Muyue walked behind with a smile on her lips, looking at Qin Munan’s back in front of her, thinking on it more.

By the time the carriage stopped in front of the door of the house, Yunjin had fallen asleep. Chu Li picked her up to carry her inside.

After entering Liquan Court, Chu Li laid her flat on the bed, reached out and touched her face, and saw her sleeping sweetly. He pulled the quilt up over her, walked out of the door, and ordered Zixiang, “Wait for her to wake up naturally tomorrow, and no one will be allowed to make noise.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Zixiang bowed.

On the other side, after Chu Li returned to his room, the room was lit by candles, and Ding Xian and Huang Yan were standing inside waiting to debrief him.

“Your Highness, everything has been properly arranged.” Huang Yan smiled proudly and took out a secret letter from his sleeves.

“It really is as you expected, Qin Tai Fei still has one last move. After receiving your secret orders today, your subordinates hurried up and kept lurking in Qin Tai Fei’s palace.”

“Before she died, she kept this note hidden on her body. After she died, your subordinates searched her body to find it. Later, we forged one as soon as possible. It only took half an hour. After her servant entered the room and found that Qin Tai Fei was dead, she took out the forgery from her sleeves and looked around in a panic.”

After Chu Li took the secret letter and unfolded it, glimpsed the content above and the seal underneath, a dense fog was condensed in a pair of glazed eyes.

First maiden of Nanting Kingdom …

“Fortunately, the above content has not been revealed, otherwise your wife may suffer a lot of criticism at this time.” Huang Yan said.

Chu Li put away the note and looked at Huang Yan coldly. ”Who is the intended recipient?”

Huang Yan hooked his lips. “It is Empress Dowager Zheng.”

“Oh …” Chu Li whispered softly, and his lips were in a tight line, “It’s really hard for her to cooperate with the person who she once hated the most.”

“So, what do we do now?” Huang Yan reminded him.

Chu Li heard the words, narrowed his eyes at Huang Yan and asked, “What did you write on the forged note?”

“Cough.” Huang Yan coughed slightly, looking a little unnatural. ”Not much…”

Over in Fengming Hall.

“Isn’t Qin Tai Fei deliberately playing with this one? It was said that there was an important secret to report after death. Is this it?”

The Empress Dowager crumpled the note in her hand and threw it to the ground.

Beside her the princess Rong saw this, picked up the note, and glanced slightly at the content, and saw words that were inexplicably written on the note—

“There is time for this one to accompany you to tea.”

Princess Rong found goosebumps raising all over her arms, and threw down the note, “Then Qin Tai Fei hated you until her last breath. How could you listen to her for even one moment?”

The Empress Dowager sighed slightly and patted the table. “This one saw the old lady kneeling down and begging, and the answer was granted. I didn’t know she would send such a thing.”

“Qin Tai Fei’s person is strange. It’s not unusual to do such things. But fortunately she’s dead, and there is no one to go against you again.” Princess Rong said.

The Empress Dowager raised the corner of her lip and drank tea. “Yes, what’s the use of holding her own son all day long, in the end she’s nothing but a frivolous ghost.”

“Empress Dowager, this one is here today to discuss something with you.” Princess Rong looked at Empress Dowager Zheng.

“What is it?”

Princess Rong went up to the main seat of the palace, and sat down in the spare position beside Empress Mother Zheng, holding her hand. ”How would it be for you to have a different Emperor?”

Holding Princess Rong’s hand, “Shuning, do you want to …”

”How would I have such courage.” She leaned to whisper in her ear. ”This time Qin Tai Fei suddenly fell ill and died. It was a poisonous moth insect brought from the border by Qin Muyue that killed her. Even the ghosts don’t know. No one in the palace can recognize it so it is thought that she died of an illness brought on by old age.”

“Really?” The Emprss Mother was surprised, knowing that Qin Tai Fei was suddenly ill, but she didn’t know she was poisoned.

Princess Rong nodded, “Of course it is true.”

“Empress Dowager, you said that the crown prince has not yet been chosen and decreed officially. If the emperor suddenly became ill, who would be best suited to take over Western Yuan?”

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