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Hearing Shuiyun Temple, Chu Li was a little hesitant, his eyes flashed slightly, but he said nothing and took her out of the palace.

Walking along the road, Yunjin has been thinking non-stop, her mind is full of the secrets said by Qin Tai fei, but she bit her lips and said nothing.

After arriving at the Shuiyun Temple,Yunjin alighted from the carriage, and hurriedly walked back to the peach grove in the mountain. She walked under the peach tree in the forefront, folded a branch, crouched down, and began to dig in the dirt on the ground.

Not far away, Chu Li and Master Huaiyuan frowned at this scene, and finally, Master Huaiyuan spoke first. “Fortunately, His Royal Highness took away the things under the peach tree in advance, otherwise the next situation, I don’t know what sort of mess it would create. “

Chu Li nodded faintly, holding his hands behind his back, and never looked away from Yunjin for a moment. “The peach trees destroyed today, this prince will order someone to replenish them.”

Master Huaiyuan shook his head with a smile, then, “Your highness, you seem to have grown roots during this time.”

Chu Li raised his lips slightly. “I found that it was nice to have someone around me.”

“Life is lonely. Only the affection between each other can make two strangers come together in the end.” Master Huaiyuan said lightly.

But added on more seriously, ”But can you guarantee that she will accompany you to the end in the future?”

Chu Li glanced at Master Huaiyuan without speaking, and squeezed his lips tightly.

Yunjin searched five or six trees in a row. There was nothing under the peach trees except for the dry soil. Looking back at the peach trees that covered the mountain, Mu Yunjin was a bit discouraged and sat down.

Chu Li gradually approached, squatted down, and stared at her, “What are you looking for?”

Yunjin gasped a few breaths and shook her head. “I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

Chu Li heard her speak, and reached out to pat her head. “Let the purple guard come out and help you find it.”

Yunjin froze, patted her thigh, and exclaimed, “Yes, why didn’t I think of that?”

After that, she took out the jade whistle and blew it gently, a wave of purple guard’s figures appeared from all around.

Yunjin ordered them to dig down underneath the peach trees and look for something buried beneath.

A moment later, almost all the peach trees on the mountain were destroyed.

Master Huaiyuan not far away looked at this scene and sighed, “Amitabha, it’s a pity for these peach trees.”

For a long while, she searched under the peach trees of the whole mountain and couldn’t find anything.

After listening to the report from the lead purple guard, she couldn’t believe it. She sat up and inspected the peach tree pits one after another.

Impossible, why is there nothing?

Did someone take it in advance?

Yunjin bit her lip, and she felt a little bit stubborn at the bottom of her heart. She stomped her feet and flicked her sleeve.

Chu Li looked at her as she rushed away and waved to the purple guards who were still standing, to hide again. 

When Mu Yunjin came out of the mountain, she was full of concerns about the secrets under the peach tree that Qin Tai Fei had talked about, and she was stopped by Chu Li when she was about to enter the palace again to ask for more details.

“What are you afraid of?”

The two stood in front of the carriage, Chu Li held one hand on her shoulder, and turned her around to face him.

“I …” Mu Yunjin didn’t know how to tell Chu Li, what Qin Tai Fei said was too cruel.

After thinking about it, Yunjin smiled a tired smile, “It’s nothing, let’s go back to the house first, I’m a little tired.” Sitting on the carriage, she leant against the carriage wall, seemingly carelessly clearing some mud stains from the nails. In fact, all thoughts flew to the clouds.

Chu Li kept observing her, taking in all her subtle expressions and pursed his lips.

He realizes that after knowing her for a while, there is still much more to discover. Let her think things over clearly.

Arriving at the Princes mansion, after a long day of searching, they found that it was a little dark.

When Yunjin alighted from the carriage, she hurriedly entered Liquan court, and instructed Zixiang to stand outside the door and not let anyone in.

In the room, Mu Yunjin pressed the Phoenix Yuge Spirit on her wrist, waiting for Qiqi’s arrival.

After sitting and drinking two cups of tea, a pink aura appeared in the room. Qiqi’s figure followed. After standing firmly, she took a few breaths.

“Master, why so anxious?” Qiqi sat down nervously, leaning closer to Yunjin.

She poured a glass of water for Qi Qi, and after watching her drink, she slowly said, “Isn’t your tracking technique very powerful? Can you track down some secrets of Qin Tai Fei’s?”

“This …” Qi Qi touched her ears, and was a little bit embarrassed.

But looking at Yunjin’s eager expression, Qiqi nodded and smiled, “I’ll try …”

Mu Yunjin nodded enthusiastically.

Qiqi sat cross-legged on the ground, pointed a little, urged her Qi, and a few pink rays between the five fingers flowed out, scattering to every corner.

Yunjin eyes looked at this scene without blinking, a little excited, and worried at the same time.

She waited for the length of time it takes to drink a cup of tea, the pink light between Qiqi’s fingers disappeared, she withdrew her Qi, stood up, and frowned at Yunjin.

“Master, nothing can be found.” Qiqi said.

Yunjin took a breath and sighed slightly. “Well, that’s it.”

“Master, don’t worry too much. There are two kinds of things that Qiqi can’t track. One is that the opponent is really strong, and the other is that the thing doesn’t exist at all.” Qiqi revealed.

“Doesn’t exist?” Yunjin only focused on the second sentence.

Qiqi sighed, she was still a little confident about her tracking technique.

After listening to Qiqi’s words, Mu Yunjin’s heart was not so tense, she hoped it was as good as Qiqi said.

But Qin Tai Fei didn’t seem to have any reason to lie to her either.

Mu Yunjin felt her head was about to explode, and reached out to cover her head, somewhat frantically.

“Master, what kind of thoughts did you have?” Qiqi propped her chin, and carefully observed Yunjin.

After a while, she stretched her fingers and said, “I understand, you are trapped by love …”

“Go home.” Mu Yunjin stared at Qiqi.

Qiqi covered her mouth and smiled, “Okay, since there is nothing more to do, I’ll go now.”

“Um.” Mu Yunhibi nodded.

Qiqi’s figure disappeared into the ether.

After Qiqi left, Yunjin opened the door of the room and went out. Zixiang was standing in the corridor waiting for her. Seeing her come out, she immediately greeted her.

“Miss, are you hungry? Would you like to eat first?” Zixiang asked.

Yunjin shook her head and stretched her back. “Go and help me prepare hot water. I want to take a bath.”

Speaking of bathing, the door of the room opposite was also opened. Chu Li had changed his clothes. Ding Xian at the side raised a lantern and helped Chu Li follow the path and went out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Yunjin asked.

Chu Li paused for a moment, looking at Mu Yunjin, “There is something to do.”

Mu Yunjin snorted, didn’t say any more, and went back into her room.

Chu Li looked at her door closing, and his lips slightly pursed.

Mu Yunjin was sitting in the bath barrel behind the screen, wondering if it was because of the hot spring pool that she now found her bath to no longer be pleasing to the eye. 

At this moment, Zixiang took a basket of petals and was ready to sprinkle them about the bath tub, but was stopped by Yunjin.

“Miss?” Zixiang was puzzled.

“No more petals.” Yunjin pursed her lips, feeling that the fragrance of the petals was smelling particularly pungent.

Zixiang nodded and took the petals away.

After bathing, Yunyun Li lay on the bed thinking hard, turning over several times, she was still focused on the words of Qin Tai Fei.

She thought that some people are really dying without giving life to the living.

Then she thought of when she first met Qin Tai Fei , she was so enthusiastic and intimate with her that she had no idea her true nature would be so manipulative. 

How can you truly know the heart of someone? Their faces could be a lie.

Mu Yunjin took a breath, and her drowsiness gradually caught up with her. When she had been sleeping for a while, the door was knocked on loudly.

“Who?” Mu Yunjin frowned.

“Miss, Qin Tai Fei draws closer to death, you must go to the palace!” Zixiang’s voice shouted at the door.

Mu Yunjin suddenly awoke, and sat up from the bed. For the first time, there was the feeling that the gods had no master. So is that secret code about to be revealed?

Yunjin put on her shoes and walked from the bed. She pulled out a piece of clothing from the closet, and she was too lazy to organize her hair. She looked at the hour before leaving.

It’s past midnight.

“What about Chu Li?” As soon as she left the room, Yunjin looked at Zixiang.

Zixiang shook her head. “Yesterday, Your Highness and Ding Xian never came back. The people who came to report from the palace are still at the door of the house, should the lady go first?”

Yunjin pursed her lips and looked at Zixiang. “I am going into the palace by myself. You will stay here, and you must wait for Chu Li to return. Tell him that he is best not to enter the palace.”

“Yes, miss.”

Mu Yunjin hurried out of the door. When she came to the front hall, a little eunuch was waiting at the door, and the carriage in the house had already been prepared for her.

She got into the carriage and went to the palace.

Along the way, she prays hard, her heartbeat also speeds up a little, and trying to calm herself down, she clasps her hands tightly together.

The carriage stopped at the gate of the palace.

Mu Yunjin alighted, and the carriage at the General’s Mansion stopped at the same time. Princess Rong Qin Shuning and Qin Muyue stepped down from their carriage, followed by Qin Munan.

Seeing these three people, Yunjin accelerated her pace and walked through the gate.

After seeing her figure, Qin Munan eyes never left her back for a moment. He didn’t realize that Qin Muyue was also watching this scene, and thinking hard.

Several people unanimously went to the court where Qin Tai Fei lived, Yunjin walked as fast as possible, with the three doggedly following her steps.

“Yunjin, you should walk slowly.” Qin Muyue chased up from behind, walked to Yunjin’s side, and caught her arm.

Yunjin shook Qin Muyue’s hand away impatiently and gave her a sideways glance, without speaking.

Qin Muyue was not upset. She smiled sweetly and lowered her voice. “Qin Tai Fei is not good to you. If she dies, she dies. What has you in such a panic.

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