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Yunjin returned to her room, the sleepiness that had overcome her once had already disappeared at this time. Now, she was sitting at the table in the room with her hand on her cheek and licking her lips from time to time.

Zixiang helped Yunjin to pour the tea and handed it to her, “Miss, this slave just heard from Shen Yun that the fifth princess has already moved into the Xiao’s house.”

“Oh? Really?” Yunjin took a sip of tea and was surprised.

“Yes, I heard that the Xiao family has prepared for a big wedding ceremony, that will be held tomorrow.” Zixiang said.

Yunjin nodded, and smiled slightly, “Chu Qing Qiang is also a boneless person. Without the royal family to rely on, she has to find someone else to live off of.”

“Huh? Miss, what does that mean?” Zixiang didn’t quite understand Yunjin’s words.

Yunjin smiled, “Nothing.”

The two were chatting when a hurried knock came from outside, and Zixiang rushed to open the door.

A little maidservant was outside the door, “The sixth princess, someone in the palace has sent this slave with a message. Qin Tai Fei may not live through the night, so she has especially called you by name.”

Mu Yunjin held the tea cup in her hand, but was not anxious. After nodding, she got up and started changing clothes.

After wearing a light blue brocade dress, Yunjin sat in front of the dressing table and asked Zixiang to help her comb her hair.

When ready, she left through the door.

The opposite room door also opened, Chu Li seemed to have heard the news, and was dressed neatly to go to the Palace. 

Zixiang glanced at Chu Li, noticed that he also had swollen lips, and then glanced at Yunjin, immediately gasped, and smiled.

They both looked at her at the same time.

Zixiang pinched her lips between her fingers, immediately lowered her head, and did not dare to make any more sound.

Yunjin looked at Chu Li angrily, and took a few steps closer, “You also want to enter the palace?”

He nodded.

“Then let’s do it together.” Yunjin said, even with her words, she felt a little embarrassed and awkward.

Chu Liyan gave a nod, glanced at her, and walked outside Liquan court.

She followed.

Ding Xian and Zixiang walked behind. Although the two people in front had walked together in the past, there had been a faint divide. Today, their bodies walked seamlessly together, with no space between the sleeves.

Seeing this, they could not help thinking, just walking is so intimate. Soon there would be a vacant room in Liquan court. 

In the carriage, Yunjin was sitting and started to feel a little sleepy.

With lowered eyelids, she thought about what Qin Tai Fei was going to say to her. After they had exposed each others true facade, she no longer believed that Qin Tai Fei would bring her good news.

With her looking for Yunjin today, she prepared for the worst.

When Chu Li observed Yunjin in the carriage, she was frowning heavily and thoughtful. He said slightly, “What are you worried about?”

Mu Yunjing glanced at Chu Li, narrowed her lips, knowing that Qin Tai Fei wasn’t really a human being, she said leisurely, “Nothing, just worried about Qin Tai Fei.”

Chu Li smiled, turned his head away, and stopped talking.

When Yunjin came to Qin Tai Fei’s residence, the whole hall was quiet and subdued, without a sound.

“Greetings to the Sixth Prince and Princess” Qu Xi saluted them.

After that, Qu Xi smiled quickly at Chu Li and said, “The concubine is seriously ill, and just wants to talk to the sixth princess alone. Your Royal Highness Six, please wait in the palace.”

“Um.” Chu Li answered lightly.

Mu Yunjin glanced sharply, took a breath, raised the corner of her lips, “Wait here for me.”

“Yes.” Chu Li replied softly.

Mu Yunjin walked into Qin Tai Fei’s room, and when she entered, she first smelled the smell of medicinal herbs. Upon seeing Qin Tai Fei, she noted her complexion had improved some.

“You’re here.” Qin Tai Fei lay on the bed, slowly speaking.

Mu Yunjin nodded, and sat down on the chair that was already prepared by the bed, and her eyes fell slowly on Qin Tai Fei. “Your color has improved.”

“Oh, it’s thanks to the lighting, this one knows that they can only live for a few days.” Qin Tai Fei sneered.

“Asking for me, what exactly do you want to say?” Yunjin spoke directly.

She looked at Yunjin for a long time, and slowly said, “Remember that day, when you had this one resolve the bad business between your family and General Qin’s house?”

Yunjin nodded and looked at her quietly.

“That day, this one talked with Huang’er for a long time, and finally spoke about the position of the Crown Prince …” Qin Tai Fei’s eyes fell on Yunjin.

When she heard the words Crown Prince, her heart sank, and calming herself as much as possible, she said “What then?”

“Later, this one caused the Qin family to retreat, forcing Huang’er to write a letter.” Qin Tai Fei said, coughing a few times, and trembling, pointed her finger at the tea cup to the side.

Yunjin took the tea cup and passed it to her.

She took a long sip and sighed in relief. “Do you know who the candidate for Crown Prince is?”

“What is the princess trying to say today?” Yunjin seemed to be running out of patience. The smell of medicine in the room was making her nauseous and she was developing a headache.

Qin Tai Fei swallowed again, barely hooked the corner of her mouth, her eyes fixed on Yunjin’s body, full of meaning.

“This one forced Huang’er to register the fourth prince, Chu Ye as the Crown Prince.”

Mu Yunjin’s head was blank for a moment, she bit her lip, and after thinking about it, she was not surprised.

Qin Tai Fei guarded against Chu Li for so long, how could she choose Chu Li as the Crown Prince?

She just didn’t know what Chu Li would think after hearing the news. Even after this length of time, she still didn’t seem to know Chu Li at all.

“Not only that …” Qin Tai Fei added.

“What else did you do?” Yunjin felt that she really hated this Qin Tai Fei at this moment.

Qin Tai Fei stretched out her hand. “You help this one to get up, my body has grown tired of lying down.”

Mu Yunjin approached impatiently, holding her body, and when she was about to pull her up, Qin Tai Fei drew her ear closely to her mouth and whispered.

“Not only that, this one has also sent a secret message. After the death of this one, this message will spread throughout Western Yuan Dynasty. At that time, everyone will know that Chu Li’s mother Rongfei is a demon girl, and that Qin Muyue is also a demon girl. “

“Both of them are close to Chu Li. What do you think other people will think of Chu Li after hearing the news?”


Mu Yunjin pushed Qin Tai Fei back on the bed, and stretched out her hands, clutching her shoulders tightly, as if to crush her bones. “For your son’s sake, how can you destroy your own grandchildren?!”

Qin Tai Fei didn’t seem to feel the pain, she turned pale and smiled, “This one is a mother. After you become a mother, you will understand this ones purpose..”

“Where’s the secret message? Give it to me!” Mu Yunjin let go of her, and started turning over the bed.

After searching the bed, she started to search around the other corners of the hall …

“Don’t waste your energy, do you think the this on will leave such important things here?” Qin Tai Fei glanced at Yunjin, who turned a box over.

Looking back at Qin Tai Fei, there was an impulse to directly end her life with a sword. After clenching her hands into fists, she approached Qin Tai Fei again, “Chu Li is dedicated to you as a grandson. Yet you do this? “

“Girl, are you worried about your future, or are you worried about Li’er?” Qin Tai Fei carefully observed her demeanor.

Yunjin froze, narrowing her mouth, thinking over the words of Qin Tai Fei, and then looked up again, “Give up the secret message!”

Her imperious tone made the command more frightening.

Upon hearing this, Qin Tai Fei smiled coldly, “This one is dying, and will not fear such threats.”

“Mu Yunjin, this one came to you today, specifically to tell you this in advance, so that you can know the feeling of helplessness and despair.” Qin Tai Fei pulled up her quilt, her eyes gradually closing.

”In this life, this one did not become the Empress Dowager as she wished. The power of discourse is too great, and the title too large. Before dying, this one has watched others covet the mountains and rivers of the Western Yuan, this one is a mother. Protecting one’s son is paramount.”

“I believe that soon the emperor will understand this one’s pain, and Li’er will understand the difficulties of this grandmother.”

Mu Yunjin completely had nothing to say to Qin Tai Fei at this point, and her mind was focused on that secret message. Rong Fei was Chu Li’s most respected person. The secret message was that Rong Fei was a demon girl, and she did not know what to think of it in her heart. What was she supposed to do?

At that time, if somehow the title of crown prince fell into Chu Li’s hands, and his mother was framed as a demon girl, she didn’t know how much of a hit to his reputation it would be. 

“Thank you for today’s advice, I’m leaving.” Yunjin said. But before leaving, she turned back and said, “Hurry up and die, this place is putrid.”

After that, she stepped out of the door.

After Mu Yunjin went out, Qin Tai Fei looked at the ceiling, and slowly smiled, saying to herself, “Girl, this one just lied to you, the real secret is here.”

She took out a note from her sleeves and slowly unfolded it.

“Mu Yunjin, the daughter of the Prime Minister, is actually the biological daughter of Jiang Qingxue, the first maiden of Nanting Kingdom.”

When Mu Yunxi walked out of Qin Tai  Fei’s rooms, her face was a little pale. When she saw Chu Li who was sitting outside waiting for her, the tip of her nose turned a little bit sour.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chu Li got up, approached her, and drew her into his arms, gently rubbing her head.

This embrace was unexpected, but Yunjin reassured him, reached out and hugged Chu Li back, thinking about whether to inform him about those words of Qin Tai Fei.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chu Li leaned over and asked again.

Mu Yunjin shook her head, and lowered it, “Nothing, let’s go back.”

“Alright.” Chu Li nodded, took her hand, and led her out of the door.

After feeling the warmth of his palm, Mu Yunjin held Chu Li’s hand with a bit more strength, and looked up at him, “Qin Tai Fei is going to die, will you be sad?”

“No.” Chu Li shook his head. “It’s natural to be old, sick, and die. It is the way of the world.”

“That’s good.” Yunjin breathed a sigh of relief, and seemingly thinking of something said, “Yes, you take me to Shuiyun Temple!”

Shuiyun Temple, the secret under the peach tree, she is today going to dig up all the peach trees there, and find out exactly what that secret is!

Coffee keeps me going 🙂

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