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Mu Yunjin smiled and narrowed her eyes at Xiao Tianqi, “Yes, as long as you agree, I will have a way for you to marry Chu Qing Qiang.”

Xiao Tianqi froze, looking at the smile on Yunjin’s face, there was a trace of doubt in his heart, and he tentatively said, “You are part of the royal family. Why would you help me?”

“What’s more, although Xiao has admired the fifth princess for many years, he also knows that the fifth princess may marry another country in the future.”

“Sixth Princess, wouldn’t it be possible that you would be related to me if you did this? Your royal disputes might involve this small one.” In the face of this sudden good thing, Xiao Tianqi could still maintain a bit of reason.

Seeing that Xiao Tianqi was a smart person, Mu Yunjin was relieved, and she couldn’t help but smile, “Frankly, I hate Chu Qing Qiang.”

“I came to you this time to discuss some things with you, and I have full confidence that I will only succeed and not fail.”

“How about it, do you want to give it a try?” Yunjin raised an eyebrow.

Xiao Tianqi glanced for a moment, saw her determined look, and a flash of excitement flared in his heart, but he was still a little hesitant.

“If this matter is successful, we’ll both mutually benefit. If it really unfortunately fails, I will carry it alone, and it will not affect you.” Yunjin added, seeing Xiao Tianqi still hesitated.

Xiao Tianqi’s eyes flickered, and he immediately nodded, “Okay, then lets do as you say.”

After reaching an agreement with Xiao Tianqi, Yunjin came out from the back door of the gambling house, with a self satisfied smile on her lips.

Back on the street, Yunjin walked slowly back to the sixth prince’s palace. At this time, there were several times more people on the street than when she left the house in the morning. She tried to keep to the side from the hustle and bustle. She was worried the crowd may bump her and aggravate the wound.

After turning one street, she left the crowds behind, and found significantly fewer people on this street. Yunjin took a breath and walked leisurely.

“Yun Ge?”

A familiar voice called out from behind.

Upon hearing this voice, Yunjin frowned, and didn’t stop walking, instead increasing her pace.

“Wait.” The person behind them chased after her, finally blocking her path.

Yunjin looked at the shadow in front of her, and said impatiently, “Major General Qin, what do you want?”

“Yun Ge, I haven’t heard about you recently. Is something wrong?” Qin Munan looked down at her, his eyes full of concern.

Yunjin rolled her eyes, “I’m standing in front of you perfectly fine, where does it look like something is wrong?”

Hearing that, Qin Munan smiled and nodded, “I’m sorry, I said the wrong thing.”

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips, unwilling to pay him anymore attention, sidestepped Qin Munan and walked forward.

Qin Munan moved in front of her again, and his eyes were slightly injured. “Yun Ge, can you really not remember anything before?”

“Why must I remember?” Yunjin took a deep breath, “The past is in the past. I’m married to Chu Li now. What do you expect me to do with you?”

“Major General Qin, when you see me in the future, don’t say hello unless absolutely necessary, I  don’t want to generate any unnecessary gossip.” Yunjin smiled reluctantly.

Qin Munan was stunned, he did not expect Yunjin to say such heartless words, he automatically reached out and grabbed her arms, clenching slightly, “Yun Ge, you are ruthless!”

“Ouch, it hurts, let me go!” Yunjin’s left arm was squeezed by him, she took a deep breath and shouted out in pain.

“What’s the matter with you?” Seeing her sudden pale face, Qin Munan was concerned.

“Let her go!”

A light, cold voice suddenly commanded.

Hearing this voice, Yunjin felt relieved. She shook off Qin Munan’s hand, ran to Chu Li’s side, reached out and grabbed his hand.

Chu Li glanced down at the hand Yunjin was holding, and the corners of his lips lifted in a slight arc, seeming to be pleased by this natural movement.

“If Major General Qin has something important to say to Yun Ge, this prince will not mind you coming to the Prince’s Mansion.” Chu Li looked at Qin Munan expressionlessly.

Qin Munan frowned, and took a step forward, “Sixth Princess, she was injured?”

Combined with the absence of news surrounding her in this period of time, Qin Munan felt angry at the thought she was hurt.

“Yun Ge has always been mischievous, it is inevitable she would bump into something, thanking Major General Qin for his concern.” Chu Li said faintly, and glanced at Yunjin beside him.

When she heard Chu Li’s words, she glared at him, seemingly dissatisfied with what he said.

Ghosts are naughty!

This scene was caught by Qin Manan’s eyes, they were flirting! Just then, a deep look of injury came into his eyes, how could he misunderstand Yunjin’s personality, she would not have bumped into anything, but she didn’t refute his words.

Was this the true Yun Ge? Having fallen in love with Chu Li during his absence?

For a moment, Qin Munan began to regret his decision to leave.

“Let’s go home?” Yunjin didn’t want to stay any longer, and looked up at Chu Li.

Chu Li nodded and turned away with her.

Behind them, Qin Munan looked at their backs, with a complex look in his eyes …

“How come you suddenly appeared?” On the way back, Mu Yunjin walked leisurely, looking at Chu Li.

Chu Li glanced down at her, “Just happened to meet.”

Yunjin nodded, thinking in her heart that it was really fortunate, otherwise she would still be dealing with Qin Munan,

When the two entered the house, Shen Yun saw them return, and immediately greeted them with a smile on her lips. “This slave thought that His Highness would be longer. But you found the princess so quickly.”

“…” Chu Li’s lips twitched slightly.

Yunjin glanced at Shen Yun, and then looked at Chu Li again, and burst out laughing. After seeing someone whose face was already darkened, she pursed her lips and held back a smile.

“Why, what’s wrong?” Shen Yun didn’t quite understand what she had said, glanced between the two again.

“Hey, do we have live ducks in our house? I want to see, live ducks and dead ducks, which has a harder mouth …”

“Mu Yunjin!” Chu Li said with a touch of anger.

Yunjin walked up to Chu Li without any fear, wrapped around arm, leaned her head against his bicep, and said sarcastically, “Your Royal Highness, you came looking for me specially. I am really touched …”



People in the room twitched their lips.



While eating, Mu Yunjin always felt very good, and Chu Li beside her had been eating himself without saying a word.

Yunjin was eating rice, and from time to time she cast covert glances at Chu Li and smiled to herself. For a moment, life was good.

But really thinking about it, they were only pretending to be married.

Wanting to stop,Yunjin put down her chopsticks, sighed heavily, with no more appetite to eat.

Chu Li beside her saw her face full of sadness, narrowed his brows slightly, but did not ask the reason why.

After finishing dinner, Yunjin and Zixiang walked together on the way back to Liquan court.

“Miss, why don’t you look so good?” Zixiang asked as they walked.

Mu Yunxiang shook her head. “It’s hot.”

“Ah? It’s early autumn now, and after a while, thick clothes will be worn. Why does the lady feel hot?” Zixiang was puzzled.

Yunjin stopped and poked Zixiang’s forehead, “You, fool!”

“Miss, this slave …” Zixiang was aggrieved.

“Princess is not feeling well?” Qingmeng’s voice came from behind them.

Yunjin turned around and saw Qingmeng holding a medicine box in her hand, she knew why Qingmeng was coming, and turned to look at Zixiang, “I want to drink some tea, please help me prepare some.”

“Yes, miss.” Zixiang nodded and immediately headed off to the kitchen.

After Zixiang left, Yunjin entered her room with Qingmeng.

“This slave came to help the princess check the recovery of her wound, so would the princess mind pulling up her sleeve.” Qingmeng came in and sat down, smiling at Yunjin.

Yunjin nodded, raised her left arm’s sleeve, exposing the injury.

Qingmeng carefully examined Mu Yun’s wound, and then smeared some unknown medicine on it, and smiled, “It’s healing very well, the arm has recovered, but we still have to avoid major movements.”

“Oh, I know.” Yunjin suddenly asked, “Yes, what kind of poison was it that day, you helped me with the antidote, no?”

On hearing that, Qingmeng looked stiff, and twitched her lips. “Well, it was only a common poison, not difficult to remedy.”

“Um.” Yunjin nodded. “Thank you, Sister Qingmeng. Thank you for your care during this time.”

“The princess is joking, this slave is a medical woman, saving people is my job.” Qingmeng added, “but this slave thinks that the princess should go and thank his Highness.”

“He has been worried about you all of this time.” Qingmeng blinked at Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin bit her lip and thought for a while, and found that she has really has been a worry during this period.

Qingmeng saw Yunjin was lost in thought, so she decided to leave it at that, but then door was knocked on gently, “Miss, the tea is here.”

“Come in.” Mu Yunjin dropped her sleeve and looked at the door.

Zixiang carried a pot of flower tea and a plate of fruit through the door, placed it on the table, and after seeing the medicine box on the table, looked worriedly at Yunjin, “Miss, are you really unwell?”

“No, it was just a routine check up.” Yunjin said.

Zixiang nodded, and poured a cup of scented tea for Yunjin and Qingmeng, and walked out the door.

Qingmeng drank her tea and praised it, “This tea is really good.”

“Yes, it’s fragrant and delicious.” Yunjin also sipped, casually chatting with Qingmeng.

Qingmeng glanced at Yunjin with a smile, and saw her strange and forthright personality, which was really interesting, “Yes, I was told secretly that the princess used his Highness’s private hot spring pool. It contains precious and rare medicinal qualities. You should go to the bath more often. It’s good for the body. “

“Huh?” Yunjin’s eyes brightened, although she knew that the hot spring pool had added medicinal properties, she didn’t expect them to be rare.

“Well, this slave can’t stay any more, I have to go and collect herbs.” Qingmeng put away the medicine box, and bid farewell to Yunjin.

Yunjin nodded, looking at Qingmeng leaving, but remembering that hot spring pool.

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heh your pretend marriage is so fake it probably already been written down in the history books… how silly is this female lead? she’s like one of the most realest married women in the world. even the emperor decreed their marriage.. how many women in this world had this privelege? not to mention she’s from modern times with dating and stuff, how can ‘fake/pretend’ even be a concern to her… ugh… why are the female leads in these kinda of stories always so lame, every time it comes to feelings their hearts are like tiny scared mice, but otherwise always… Read more »

Yunjin stayed in her room for the whole of the…
"I'll do it myself!" Mu Yunjin stared at Chu Li,…
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