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The driver didn’t dare to speak, respectfully opened the back door for Mu Yunjin and led her forward.

She was led all the way to the side hall of Rongwang Mansion. Mu Yunjin stood at the door of the side hall, looked around, and resisted the urge to blow the place to pieces.

The door of the side hall opened, and candlelight lit up the room. Princess Rong Qin Shuning was sitting in the main seat, with a smile on her face, annoying Mu Yunjin, while sitting beside her, was Qin Muyue, who she hadn’t seen for a while.

“My niece is here, greetings.” Princess Rong stood up after seeing Mu Yunjin.

“Didn’t you say fourth sister is seriously ill? Take me to see her.” Mu Yunjin said indifferently.

Seeing this, Qin Muyue smiled, walked to Mu Yunjin’s side, and held her arm, “Sister-in-law, your fourth sister who has no conscience, whether she lives or dies, it’s a disaster either way, don’t forget how she treated you before. “

“Oh? Do you think so?” Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrows, and did not pat Qin Muyue on her hand.

“Yes, not to mention she’s very daring and dare to stab her own sister in the back. She doesn’t look at her withered appearance. Yet is still so arrogant.” Qin Muyue said coldly.

Mu Yunjin slightly hooked her lips, glanced at Qin Muyue, and then at Princess Rong. “But this fourth sister got married and died within this royal palace in a matter of a few days. Aren’t you afraid of inviting gossip?”

“How could it happen? No one can control birth, sickness or death. How about you sister-in-law, just wait for you to say the word. If it’s so easy you could release her from this life tonight.” Qin Muyue said to Mu Yunjin, smiling sweetly.

When Mu Yunjin saw this innocent smile, she knew that such a person was the most terrible. When she thought of Qin Muyue’s poisoning of Qin Tai Fei, she felt chilled again.

“I will go and see her first.” Mu Yunjin pulled away from Qin Muyue and went out.

“Donger, take the sixth princess to the visit the Fourth Miss.”

After Mu Yunjin went out, Qin Muyue pulled out a silk handkerchief, wiped her hand that had touched Mu Yunjin just now, and lowered her eyes with a playful smile.

“Aunt, when is it appropriate for us to go?”

“Oh, wait for someone to notify.”

Mu Yunjin was led by a little maid to her sisters court. Along the way, there was a sense of unease in her heart.

Zixiang pulled her sleeves and whispered, “Miss, why don’t we go back first and come again during the day? It’s eerie here.”

“It’s okay, let’s just take a look. Remember not to touch anything after you go in.” Mu Yunjin instructed.

Zixiang nodded, the more Mu Yunjin cautioned her, the more afraid she felt.

“The sixth princess has arrived.” The little maid stopped in front of a small hut door, and then walked away.

Mu Yunjin glanced at the hut. It was dilapidated like a firewood house, not even as good as the flower garden she used to live in.

Really, how the mighty have fallen.

Mu Lingzhu used to live in the luxurious Pearl Tower in the past.

Opening the door and walking in, seeing the faint candlelight in the room, looking around, there was no other thing in the room except a hard bed.

Cuiyun was kneeling on the ground and rubbing Mu Lingzhu’s arm. When she saw Mu Yunjin coming in, she was overjoyed, “Sixth Princess.”

Mu Lingzhu on the sick bed was also surprised, raising her heavy eyes. The moment she saw Mu Yunjin, she burst into tears, “Sister, save me!”

“Lingzhu will never dare to do anything against you. Lingzhu knows she was wrong. Please save me from this hell!”

Mu Lingzhu cried loudly, barely able to breath, constantly trembling and sobbing.

Mu Yunjin looked at Mu Lingzhu and saw her pale face, she was really ill, exposed on her arms were scarred wounds and signs of infection.

“Cuiyun, didn’t I give you the medicine soup and the wound medicine to take back? Why is it like this?” Mu Yunxiang looked at Cuiyun.

Cuiyun pursed her lips and lowered her eyes. “Slave was very careful that day, but the princess’s people came back and confiscated the medicinal soup and wound medicine. This slave also suffered a beating.”

Cuiyun said, revealing the scar on her arm.

Mu Yunjin sighed slightly, taking out a purple cloth bag from her waist, she retrieved a pill, and stuffed it into Mu Lingzhu’s mouth.

“What’s this?” Mu Lingzhu held the pill in her mouth, but she didn’t dare to swallow it.

“Life-saving medicine, spit it out if you don’t want to live.” Mu Yunjin said playfully. If she really wanted her dead, this Mu Lingzhu, it wouldn’t be tonight.

When is it their turn to be a Qin family!

Mu Lingzhu swallowed the pill immediately. At this moment, she realized that only Mu Yunjin was trustworthy.

It’s ironic that after fighting with Mu Yunjin for so long, she still has to rely on her for her life.

Was I really wrong in the past?

Mu Yunjin crossed her arms and stayed in the room for a while.

Suddenly, the door of the room was kicked open. When Mu Yunjin looked up, Qin Munan hurried in, grabbed Mu Yunjin wrist and ran out.

“Hey you……”

Mu Yunjin was taken to a remote yard by Qin Munan, she panted and stared at Qin Munan unhappily, “What are you doing dragging me out?”

Seeing Mu Yunjin’s bad temper, Qin Munan started to smile, “This is the first time I have seen you losing your temper.”

Mu Yunjin gave Qin Munan a dirty look, rubbed her wrists, and frowned. “What do you want?”

“I saved you, and you didn’t even thank me, just kept questioning me. Yun Ge, you make me sad.” Even though Qin Munan said that, his eyes were full of smiles.

For the first time, Yun Ge was so cute when she got angry.

Suddenly she found that she has lost her memory, which was good, at least he saw her differently.

“Saved me?” Mu Yunjin raised an eyebrow.

“If you had stayed there, rumors of Miss Mu Yunjin’s personally poisoning the Fourth Miss would have been spread throughout the Butterfly Flower City tomorrow.” Qin Munan said.

Mu Yunjin heard the words, but did not react much, saying quietly, “Oh, so this is a trick, the women here have too much energy.”

“The women here?” Qin Munan didn’t quite understand Mu Yunjin’s words.

Mu Yunjin was too lazy to explain to him, waved her hand, and went back.

Qin Munan restrained her with his hand, “Yun Ge, don’t take risks, you are not my aunt’s opponent.”

“Opponent?” Mu Yunjin sneered, “She doesn’t deserve to be my opponent!”

After that, Mu Yunjin shook off Qin Munan’s hand and walked to the door of the hut. As she walked, the jade whistle sounded.

The hidden purple guards appeared one after another.

Mu Yunjin looked at the first guard, “Bring Mu Lingzhu to Xiangfu for treatment.”

“Yes, Princess.”

When Mu Yunjin walked to the door of the hut, the purple guard had already flown away with the seriously ill Mu Lingzhu.

At this time, Princess Rong also brought a group of men and horses to this side yard, and saw Mu Yunjin dispatch the purple guard, her face frowned. ”Mu Yunjin, Mu Lingzhu is now a person of the Rongwangfu, you are not qualified to take her away. “

Qin Munan also rushed here at this time, and after seeing the Purple Guard, his frowned heavily.

Unexpectedly, Chu Li, who had always been weak and indifferent, gave the purple guard to Yun Ge.

As he was about to help Mu Yunjin out of her predicament, he heard Mu Yunjin’s fearless voice saying, “Are you the palace?” “You use this to threaten me? Then do you want me to take Mu Lingzhu into the palace now, and let my father-in-law look at how Rong Wangfu treats people in her house?”

“What evidence do you have that we are taking lives in this Rong Wangfu? I can also say that these injuries were made by you. Anyway, everyone in the world knows that Mu Yunjin has always been at odds with Mu Lingzhu. “said Princess Rong.

“Mu Lingzhu isn’t dead yet, why wouldn’t she speak for herself? If confronted and she testifies that the gentle Princess Rong in the eyes of the world is actually this ruthless, and exonerates me who she has always been at odds with, at that time what would you say? It will be interesting!”

“Mu Yunjin, you …” Princess Rong was short of breath, unable to find a rebuttal.

Mu Yunjin sneered and looked away, “There are so many people in the world, don’t think that you are mother of it all, who said the Qin family were the number one in all the world?”

Qin Munan stood to one side, and heard Mu Yunjin taunting the Qin family. Her words seemed to him particularly pleasant.

The surprise and confusion in his eyes could not be hidden. He never knew that Yun Ge was such a fiery woman. It added a little more to his heart’s affection.

Qin Muyue stood in a shadowed corner and didn’t reveal herself, watching her aunt turn mute, her face portraying a malevolent demeanor.

After glimpsing Qin Munan, Qin Muyue was a little surprised. Somehow, her brother looked at Mu Yunjin with eyes so full of …. love?

Is it …

No, it should not be possible.

When Mu Yunjin left the Rong Wangfu, she was extraordinarily happy. When she arrived, Qin Shuning put on various powers but seeing Qin Shuning’s mouth turn mute before she left, why shouldn’t she be satisfied?

Because she was clearly opposed to Qin Shuning, the carriage that brought her was naturally gone.

However, Mu Yunjin didn’t mind. She walked the night on foot with Zixiang, a smile on the corner of their lips, which was difficult to hide.

Zixiang is also very happy. “Miss, you were too great just now. Princess Rong’s face was put out, hahaha.”

“Yun Ge….”

Behind her came the sound of Qin Munan, and the sound of horseshoes.

Mu Yunjin heard this voice calling her and didn’t even turn her head. She walked forward in a composed manner, and after a while, a carriage stopped beside her.

“Yun Ge, it’s getting dark, let’s take you back.” Qin Munan lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin didn’t even raise her eyelids. “No need.”

“Let’s ride together. It’s getting dark. This is the suburbs. The two of you girls are not safe.” Qin Munan sat on the side and said quietly.

Mu Yunjin shook her head and glanced at the person in the carriage. “Thank you for your kindness, but there’s really no need.”

“Well then.” Qin Munan reluctantly lowered the curtains, and ordered the driver to leave quickly.

After the carriage left, Mu Yunjin looked around, grabbed Zixiang’s waist, and using qinggong made light work of quickly travelling away.

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