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After swallowing the elixir, Mu Yunjin felt that the soul of the black lotus that had settled in her body suddenly jumped up and down, and she was gradually covered in fine sweat beads.

After a while, Mu Yunjin sneezed, and saw a cloud of black mist detach from her forehead, coalesce in the air, and dissipate in front of her eyes.

After the soul of the black lotus was taken out of her body, Mu Yunjin drank a few more sips of water, and she felt relieved. While that thing remained in her body, she always felt a little uneasy.

Chu Li said to Mu Yunjin in a soft voice, “You can go to rest.”

“Um.” Mu Yunjin nodded at hearing this, sat up, and walked towards the room.

After entering the room, Mu Yunjin leaned against the door, sighed slightly, and kept thinking about the words Feng Xuandao said in her ear.

Inexplicably, her heart felt heavy, and suddenly she felt trapped.

The next day, when Mu Yunjin woke up, Zixiang informed her that the Fengxuan Taoist had left.

Hearing this news, Mu Yunjing didn’t feel much pain in her heart. On the contrary, she was a bit envious of the leisure and ease of his life.

“Miss, seeing that you have been quiet for the past two days. Are you mulling over Fourth Miss’ affairs?” Zixiang helped Mu Yunjin comb her hair and gave her a faint look.

Mu Yunjin shook her head. “I’m too lazy to find ways to fix her problems for her.”

Zixiang smiled and never asked again.

After Mu Yunjin combed her hair, she left through the door, and just happened to see Chu Li, who also walked out of the door. When she saw Chu Li, Mu Yunjin pulled the corner of her mouth and squeezed a smile.

Chu Li also glanced at Mu Yunjin and walked towards her. “Mu Yunjin, Xiao Jiu sent someone ahead to announce her visit this morning to this Princes’ palace, so I will accompany you to breakfast.”

“Huh? Qingyuan?” When mentioning Chu Qingyuan, Mu Yunjin felt like she hadn’t seen her for a long time.

Chu Li nodded, and said at the end, “This princess is in the main palace.”

“Father-in-law seems to have been calling frequently recently. Is there anything to discuss with you?” Mu Yunjin couldn’t help asking.

“Well.” Chu Li answered, “There has been some turmoil in East Country in recent days, and many things should be prepared for.”

Mu Yunjin seemed to understand, she raised her lips, “I’m so hungry, let’s have breakfast together.”

Chu Li did not refuse.

In the dining room, while the two were quietly eating breakfast, a laughter came from the door, “Aha, Sixth brother and Sixth sister, I have arrived!”

Mu Yunjin looked to the voice, and saw Chu Qingyuan half leaning against the door, cocking her head and looking at them with a smile on her face.

Later, Chu Qingyuan came in, sat down on the other side, picked up a piece of pastry and ate, “Well, the pastry chef here is still so good, much better than Xiao Jiu.”

“Qing Yuan, where have you been during this time?” Mu Yunjin looked at Chu Qingyuan with a big grin, and smiled.

“I’ve been in the dormitory, but I couldn’t come out. The queen mother said that I was growing up, and ordered me to learn some female red embroidery techniques in the dormitory, so that I didn’t go out for a month, and my hands were punctured with needles.” Qingyuan said, and stretched out her hand to show Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin looked, and she saw that she really had small holes.

“The prince is leaving first.” Chu Li’s voice came from the side, while glancing at Mu Yunjin and Chu Qingyuan in the dining room.

“Well, come back soon.” Meeting Chu Li’s gaze, Mu Yunjin just blurted out, her tone was natural and casual without even realizing it.

Chu Li, however, went rigid. He felt Mu Yunjin’s voice was exceptionally beautiful. After, a touch of warmth in his eyes blossomed, and he left.

After Chu Li left, Chu Qingyuan sat closer to Mu Yunjin, clutching Mu Yunjin’s arm coquettishly, “Sixth sister, Xiaojiu is here today, I want to ask you some questions.”

“Well, say it.” Seeing her awkward posture, Mu Yunjin was a little teasing.

“Sixth sister, how do you say to someone that you like them? Doesn’t it make you feel so embarrassed and you blush alot when you see them?” Chu Qingyuan asked, looking forward.

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips and looked at Chu Qingyuan. Seeing her mentioning this, her face was really red. She asked directly “Who do you like?”

After listening to Mu Yunjin’s question so plainly, Chu Qingyuan’s face turned red again, and she reached out and slapped Mu Yun’s hand. ”Nine is still young. “

“It’s not a small matter, and you won’t be ready for another two years. Only then can you marry someone.” Mu Yunjin said in a whisper.

When Chu Qingyuan heard this, she was a little excited, and her eyes were bright. “Then you say, if the two are seven or eight years apart, will the age gap matter?”

“Xiao Jiu doesn’t want to be gossiped about behind her back, saying that Xiao Jiu married an old man …”

Mu Yunjin could understand her concern. She supported her chin and looked at Chu Qingyuan. “Small nine, who do you really care for? It’s only a small age gap, it’s okay, you aren’t the only one. You are fourteen now, add seven years, it’s only twenty-one.”

“It’s better than Mu Lingzhu who married a man 20 years older than her.”

“Yes, yes, Sixth sister, you are right, Xiao jiu thinks so too.” Chu Qingyuan almost jumped up excitedly, shaking Mu Yunjin’s hand vigorously, and finally felt confidant.

There was a smile on Mu Yunjin’s lips, and she approached Chu Qingyuan and said quietly, “Then you tell me secretly, who do you really like? Sixth sister will help you.”

Chu Qingyuan blushed, her eyes turned downward, and said shamefully, “That’s the one, Major General Qin who won the victory not long ago, Brother Mu Nan.”

Mu Yun’s smile froze on her face for a moment.

“What’s the matter? Sixth sister, isn’t Brother Mu Nan a good man?” Chu Qingyuan saw Mu Yunjin’s smile gradually recede, and suddenly hesitated.

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips, she really did not expect that Xiao Jiu would actually like Qin Munan. 

But Qin Munan …

Alas, the world is still too small.

“Sixth sister?” Chu Qingyuan continued to push and pull Yunyin.

Mu Yunjin came back to earth and looked at Chu Qingyuan. “Major General Qin is twenty-one this year. I guess there are people he has in his heart, and your father emperor now values ​​him so much, maybe he will marry him off.”

Chu Qingyuan’s small mouth was flattened, her eyes narrowed, and with her aggrieved behavior she was about to cry. “But Xiaojiu just likes Brother Mu Nan. That day in the palace, Xiao Jiu was climbing a tree. She almost fell off the tree. It was Brother Mu Nan who rescued me and patted my head to tell me be more careful in the future. “

“Brother Mu Nan is so gentle, he doesn’t have that kind of rough and violent feeling at all. Xiao Jiu likes him and wants to marry him!”

Mu Yunjin sighed, not to mention the previous connection between Qin Munan and this bodies master. According to the Qin family doing so many actions these days, Xiaojiu and Qin Munan are not fated.

“Xiao Jiu, you are still young. You may like and admire Major General Qin. When you reach a certain age, you will understand that love is the most important thing between a man and woman.” 

“Is there love between you and sixth brother?”





“You guys, come and help me push the swing, the higher the better!”

In the garden of the Prince’s Palace, Chu Qingyuan was sitting on a swing, and a few maids on the side helped her push the swing. Chu Qingyuan’s face was beaming.

Mu Yunjin leaned on the side of the pavilion and looked at Chu Qing Qiang, thinking of the problem she had just now, she couldn’t help laughing.


How could she and Chu Li have love?

After Chu Qingyuan played for a while, Chu Li’s figure came in from outside. Once in the garden, Chu Li heard Chu Qingyuan’s laughter and shook his head helplessly.

“Eh? You’re back.” Mu Yunjin glanced at Chu Li, straightened up, and watched him step by step.

Chu Li nodded, his eyes fell on Mu Yunjin’s hair bun, and he slowly stretched his hand out to help her with the pearl flower that was about to fall off. His action was gentle.

“All right.” Qingrun’s voice came from overhead.

Mu Yunjin blushed inexplicably, reached out her hand and touched the pearl flower on her bun, her lashes fluttered, and her lips slightly lifted.

“Haha, you’ve been caught! Sixth sister, you see that you become blushing and shy in the face of sixth brother. As with Xiao Jiu’s previous state, is this the love you said?”

Mu Yunjin’s words came back to haunt her. After hearing it, she was even a little embarrassed, and her face suddenly turned the color of a pig’s liver.

Chu Li glanced at Mu Yunjin, and then glanced at Chu Qingyuan, with some questions in his eyes.

“It’s like this, sixth brother. Just after you left, sixth sister and Xiao Jiu talked about the difference between like and love, and said that she and you belong to love. Xiao Jiu now only knows like, but not love.” “But Xiaojiu has now seen Sixth sister, and Xiaojiu’s should be love, not like!”

At this moment, Mu Yunjing was anxious enough to sew Xiaojiu’s mouth shut, and wait for a hole to swallow her. She said it casually just now. How could Xiaojiu take this seriously, and even told Chu Li?

At this moment, Chu Li’s eyes fell on Mu Yunjin, who was afraid to lift her head, and saw that her ears had turned red. Suddenly, he was in a good mood, holding back a smile, but still had a low laugh. 

Seeing that she was being laughed at by Chu Li, Mu Yunjin stretched her hand to cover her face, and said frantically, “Xiao Jiu was talking nonsense, I was preventing her from falling in love too early!”

“Huh? Sixth sister, you didn’t say that just now? You said that you were seven years younger than sixth brother, and that age was not important.” Chu Qingyuan scratched his head innocently, Mu Yunjin clearly did not say so.

Mu Yunjin really wanted to spit blood.

Chu Li has always been able to control his emotions, but at this moment, he’s clinging to that last shred of control, and he leaned down to get closer to Mu Yunjin. His eyes seemed to be soft and watery.

“Yun Ge, I really didn’t know you. You turned out to be so enthusiastic about this Prince and to have a wife like that….

“Ah ah ah ah ah!!”

Mu Yunjing screamed a few times, clutching her head and rushing towards Liquang.

Behind her, Chu Li stood up and touched his chin. His heart was soft and his lips were smiling with a pleasant smile.

After a while, Chu Li seemed to be thinking of something, and put away the smile, and looked at Chu Qingyuan seriously, “Xiao Jiu, who do you like?”

When Chu Qingyuan came into contact with this look, she took a step back in shock, sixth brothers face changed much faster than turning a book page.

Sure enough, everyone’s attitude towards true love and like is different. This is still true.

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